Round-table discussion “Cultural Diversity in Business Communication”

The round-table discussion “Cultural Diversity in Business Communication” was assembled in February 18, 2016 within the frameworks of the annual students’ conference held on the regular basis at Managers’ Training Institute. In the light of globalization process, this topic is of current interest and importance, especially for future economists, as well as interpreters and translators, who will play a key role in cross-cultural communication.

Cultural awareness cannot be overestimated because it has a huge impact on communications and negotiations, especially within a business environment. When it is addressed properly it can actively build great cross-cultural business relations. People’s cultural background can have an impact on how they behave around others, their sense of self-identity within a different business environment, including decision making and conflict resolution. If everyone acknowledges and accepts this cultural diversity, then potential problems can be prevented before they have even started.

The students have compiled some tips and guidelines which should be a great starting point for successful international business in terms of language, perception of time and personal space, goal setting, personal style and business etiquette, as well as attitudes to business running in Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Italy, China and Belarus.  The opening speech and the closing remarks were made by the senior lecturer M.R.Yumagulova and associate professor O.I.Zhuravleva respectively.