Student`s life

The students study in modern multimedia classrooms. Modern educational system makes it possible to use multimedia aids in the educational process.

Highly qualified teachers with both private and public sector experience work at the Institute of the Entrepreneurial Activity. Their extensive experience allows providing the education process taking in account the main tendencies of the economy and management.

Within the education process students attend business–trainings, seminars and lectures of businessmen and specialist from different fields of business activities.

Students take active part in arranging and holding festivals, concerts and exhibitions at the Institute. Annually our students win state competitions in different nominations.

The student newspaper “WOW” is published to cover the current events of the students’ life.

In order to be healthy and strong the students attend a gym and a swimming pool, train at the athletic fields of the sport complex of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity. Trainings with qualified trainers show good results!