Russian language courses

For those willing to learn Russian “from scratch”, Managers’ Training Institute offers 3- and 6-month language courses for foreign learners.

The size of the group and the tuition fee depend on the number of applicants.

Levels of training – elementary to advanced.

We offer 4 training programs:

  • ‘Elementary Russian’
  • ‘Russian for Business Communication’
  • ‘The Russian Language. Speech Practice’
  • ‘The Russian Language. Country Studies’

The groups are arranged according to the level of language proficiency. Classes are held 5 days a week in groups of up to 8 people or individually.

Only highly qualified tutors work at our courses. They have an extensive experience in teaching foreign students in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Many of them are the authors of unique methods of teaching RFL (Russian as Foreign Language), as well as of manuals and tutorials.

The provision of a hostel for the learners depends on the availability of places. Hostel accommodation is paid, the amount of payment not included in the tuition cost.

The tuition fee at the courses is determined by the rector and depends on the number of training hours and the number of students in the group.

At RFL classes learners will not only master their knowledge of Russian grammar, but also will get acquainted with Russian and Belarusian literature, culture, traditions and the national characteristics of the Belarusian people.

Contact telephone: + 375 (17) 367 08 77