Graduate admission

Modern Foreign languages

“Modern foreign languages” specialization graduates are qualified as “Linguist, interpreter”.  These specialists are prepared for  a wide range of activities in the field of intercultural interaction  using indepth linguistic knowledge , interpretation and translation strategies and communication tactics .

Linguists, translators are in demand in international relations sphere , in  leading travel agencies, financial , consulting and  IT-companies, translation departments , foreign agencies.

Economics and  Management

“Economics and Management” specialization  provides the students with  “Economist manager” qualification.

Graduates  acquire  knowledge in economics and management  . They are  prepared for  organizing of  production, planning of economy, investment projects, motivation and control activity in the sphere of economy and company management.

The objects of professional activity are organizing of enterprises and businesses  of various forms in industry, transport, trade, building and new branches of national economy.

Commercial activity

Specialists preparing trained as “Commercial activity” provides getting of professional qualification “economist”; is linked to the dynamic development of sphere of service, in which professionals are required with higher education owning advanced knowledge in business field, economy and settlement of trade, including overseas markets.

Graduates work in commercial departments and services, logistics, marketing, foreign economic activity, maintenance, sale, at bases and warehouses of trade price and in the services.


Training in the speciality “Marketing” forms students professional abilities in the marketing field, commercial production and economic activities of the organization.

Graduates have a high chances to find employment at the firms, in the organizations and companies of all forms of property and all economy fields.

Specialists can work both in the field of traditional marketing, and in the field of electronic commerce, and Internet marketing specialists.

Business Administration

Specialty “Business Administration” is one of the most popular and widely known in the world. Specialists in Business Administration have the appropriate knowledge, skills and outlook, based on a deep understanding of the market economy and its features, functions, and the state’s economic role, awareness of corporate social responsibility and adherence to ethical standards of its civilized conduct. Business Administration represents the unity of a deep knowledge of economic theory and economic law.

In the process of training future leaders acquire the skills of decision-making and management of small and medium enterprises, using the latest knowledge of economics, marketing, management, law and psychology.