Distance education

Distance education in Managers’ Training Institute (MTI) is based on the use of the world renowned program in the Moodle system, allowing us to create training courses through the Internet. The program is implemented as a software with the open code (Open Source) under the GNU public license and is used by leading universities and training centers of many countries of the world.

Distance education in MTI is aimed at creating the base for effective on-line learning; it provides for the introduction of interactive forms and training methods in educational process.

Distance education in MTI provides the following:

– highly-qualified teaching staff, mainly, candidates of Sciences and associate professors, skilled at IT technologies and distance teaching;

– ability to choose an individual style of learning and a schedule of academic work, allowing to combine studies with work;

– nearly 2 thousand of registered users (students, lecturers, administrators);

– more than 180 courses on the disciplines of the curriculum for six specialities;

– about 1.1 thousand units of educational resources (courses and texts of lectures, textbooks and training-methodological guides, course-maps for seminar classes, tests, audio and video materials, anthologies, monographs, etc.);

– nearly 6 thousand questions for current and final tests;

– an optimal structure of training courses, including the following sections: 1) news bulletin block; 2) regulatory documents (curricula, questions and tasks for tests and exams, etc.); 3) theoretical section (courses and texts of lectures, educational-methodological guides, teaching instructions and recommendations, etc.); 4) practical section (course-maps for seminars, practical and laboratory classes, etc.); 5) the block of knowledge control (current and final tests, test questions, etc.).

Distance learning is a real chance of self-realization for people with disabilities, soldiers doing the military service, representatives of other professions who must travel or be at a great distance away from the place of permanent residence, as well as for citizens of other countries, who wish to get a higher education in the Republic of Belarus.