The International scientific and practical conference «Business in Belarus experience of formation and prospect of development” is annually held at Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity. Scientists, the faculty, graduate students and undergraduates not only lead agencies of formation Republic of Belarus and the near and far abroad are invited to participation in this conference.

Also at institute Republican student’s scientific and practical conference “Business in Belarus: experience of formation and prospect of development is annually held to participation in which, are invited students and undergraduates of Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity and other establishments of education.

Constituents of the conference:
1. Theory of business activity.
2. Ethic, cultural and philosophical aspects of business activity.
3. History of business activity development in Belarus and in other countries with transition economies.
4. Marketing and management in business activity.
5. Business activity in the markets of goods and services.
6. Business activity in tourism.
7. Legal support of business activity.
8. Information Technologies in business.
9. Interlingual and intercultural communications and business activity.

Teachers and students regularly take part in the theoretical and practical conferencies of other educational institutions. Results of conference participants’ scientific researches are represented in the corresponding book of abstracts.