Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity

Welcome to the Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity (IEA)

Our educational institution was founded in 1992 by professor Sergey S. Atayev.

The Institute prepares academically trained specialists for small and medium enterprise in three fields:

  • economics
  • linguistics
  • management.

The Institute helps our graduates to get promptly involved in the practical activity of state and commercial enterprises, institutions and organizations.

Institute graduates are specialists in:

  • management
  • construction sector
  • public catering
  • trade
  • advertising.

Due to the cooperation of the Institute with the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship our students are provided with practical skills and experience and are trained in conditions close to the real business.

For the effective training of the young specialist, the Institute maintains international relations with relevant higher educational institutions of the CIS (Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine) and foreign countries (Serbia, the Czech Republic). The results of joint research with foreign colleagues our lecturers successfully implement in the educational process, giving it an innovative character.

Professors and teachers of the Institute publish their textbooks, manuals and monographs.

Scientific interests of the employees of the IPD are associated with the most urgent issues of entrepreneurship. The students of the Institute have the possibility to use a gym, athletic fields and halls, and a swimming pool of the fitness complex “Olympiyskiy”.

The Institute promotes active students’ life in the field of cultural, sports and artistic activities: festivals, parades, art performances and competitions, students’ conferences, work-shops, round-table discussions are held.

The Institute is proud of both its achievements in organization of educational and research process, providing optimal conditions for in-class learning activities, and of its graduates. Since the establishing of the Institute more than 8500 students graduated from the IPD. Now they are in demand in our country as well as abroad.

Our graduates have good future career prospects. They head offices or take positions of marketing specialists of any level, become deputy chiefs of trade activities, head marketing departments, work as economists, researchers, studying market issues, and work as external economic relation consultants in different spheres of external economic activities . Every fourth of our graduates starts his or her own business being a self-employed entrepreneur.